Beyblade App

Beyblade types

The Spiral Treptune is a stamina type Beyblade. And the orange symbol is the stamina symbol. Z Achilles is an attack type Beyblade. And the blue symbol stands for attack.  Z Achilles can also be a balance type (the balance type symbol is red).  The final type of Beyblade is defense, which is a green symbol.

Type Advantage Chart





Attack types have an advantage against stamina types. Stamina types have an advantage against defense types. Defense types have an advantage against attack. Balance has no weakness, but no advantage. 

The Trophy and the star

The number under the trophy says how many wins you have.

The number under the star shows how many times you burst your opponent.

The yellow coins are beybits which can be used to buy some special things like an optimus prime beyblade, the gladiator megatron and the bumblebee bey.


In this game you can challenge people online, and you can also challenge computers. You can also go to the shop to buy beys, bey parts, and bey stadiums.


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