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I used to write music a lot, sometimes with other people, sometimes by myself. Over time I’d gotten away from the habit, but more recently the love for music and songwriting has been stirring up again. Gonna start with baby steps and try to set aside time each week to sift through old files and to organize all the new voice recordings and ideas that I’ve added in the last few months – to at least gather them all and get them in one place. I hope to one day finish all of these songs that have been tucked away.

This one starts with this one long untraditional verse, then it grows into a bigger chorus with the many voices of a choir and beautiful harmonies (unrecorded, but it’s in my head!)

Original song snippet from 2004, “I Need You”. Guitarist, Eli M. @2004 Tamra Thomas (Iroku)

“I Need You” Lyrics:

I can’t make it on my own
I can’t do this without you
I need you more now
I Need You, I Need You

Your love covers my wrongs
It makes me feel complete
I need you more now
I Need You, I Need You

You’ll never let me go
You’ll never let me fall
I find rest in your strength
In this mixed up world, you give me life

Without you it’s not worth living
I praise you
I worship you
I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you

I Need You
I Need You
I Need You, Oh Lord (Repeat)

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