In the lobby, there are five things you can do. Turf War, Splat Zones, Rainmaker, Tower Control, and Clam Blitz. My favorite is Rainmaker because you can hog the Rainmaker and keep it all for yourself and go straight to the goal!

Salmon Run

In Salmon Run, there are two ways you can lose and only one way you can win. Losing #1 – dying to the salmonoids when they hit you with the frying pan. Losing #2 – not getting enough eggs (and dying to Mr. Grizz). You win by getting enough eggs for the round and surviving the salmonids by splatting them.

Hero Mode

In Hero Mode, you complete kettles, defeat bosses (I can’t say which ones because that would be spoilers!), and beat the secret kettle. If you complete hero mode, then you get a replica of the hero gear and a replica of the hero shot. If you complete the secret kettle, then you get a teddy headband, a [it’s a secret] badge, and the alternan champ title.




Splatfests are when three teams try to get clout to see who is the best. You get clout by winning (or losing) turf war matches. But, sometimes you can see four special kinds of turf war:


x10 Battle

A battle that gives you 10x the clout if you win.

x100 Battle

A battle that gives you 100x the clout if you win, and you get to ride the float.

x333 Battle

A battle that gives you 333x the clout, and maybe gives you a ride on the float. (I didn’t win one of these yet!)

Tri-Color Turf War

 Instead of it being a normal 4 on 4 battle, it’s a 2 on 2 on 4 battle. The teams with two players which are attacking, are on the sides of the map. The defending team, the team that has four players, is defending the ultra signal. If the attacking team gets one of the ultra signals, then they will get a sprinkler of doom.

Splatfest results

At the end of a Splatfest, which is a Sunday at 7PM, you won’t be able to play the Splatfest anymore. And at 9PM, you can see the results. (If you don’t get tired and fall asleep.)

There are five things you’ll be rated on.  If you got the most:

  • tri-color turfwar clout
  • open battle clout
  • pro battle clout
  • popularity
  • conch shells. 


The Splatfest results look like the picture above this message. As you can see, team White Chocolate won. 



BIg Run is where your city is being attacked, so you have to beat a bunch of salmonoids and get rewards while you’re at it. Big Run is just like Salmon Run, except #1, The weapons are random and #2, you play in a map that you wouldn’t be able to play in salmon run.


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