The bombardment of thoughts and negativity will come whenever my focus shifts to myself and away from God. When I focus on my own shortcomings and what I am not, or the times that I have failed, or the times that I have a let myself down and others down, then these thoughts will make me feel disqualified and I will feel rejected. But that is not the truth. My thoughts are not the truth.

Fortunately, God looks at the heart – not at our talent and whether others approve or accept us. 

He doesn’t disqualify me because of other people’s opinions of me.

I like to think and observe, I like to plan, build and create systems, I like to find patterns and study how they can impact what’s to come, and I also love music.  I also have a way of making others feel comfortable and seen.   

I have never been, and probably will never be, a big personality or an extrovert, but that’s OK. If God needed me to be loud and big, then he would’ve made me that way. I am who I am.